Scooter Lift Equipment

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Active Lifestyle Scooter Lifts

If you use a power scooter, you understand that moving it from place to place when you’re not using it can be a hassle. When you go out, how do you get it in the car if no one is around to help you? The answer is to get a scooter lift.

At Active Lifestyle Products, we carry three different scooter lift models:

Hybrid Platform Lift



These scooter carriers install in the back of your vehicle, so when it’s time to travel, you can load your mobility scooter without a problem. Our platform scooter lifts carry almost any scooter model and often require no vehicle modification. In other words, easy installation.

We also carry hoist-style scooter lifts, which, instead of a platform, hook onto your scooter and lift it using an arm installed in the back of your vehicle. This type of scooter lift is perfect if you want to keep using your back-row seating, as it allows you to do so when you’re not transporting your power scooter.

Active Lifestyle Products is proud to serve Houston and Southeast Texas with quality mobility products. We don’t just help you retain your independence at home—we give you solutions that make it possible to take it with you, too. Our goal is to provide you with a way to live the active life you want, and we do everything we can to make sure you’re happy with the products we offer.

Strain Free Mobility

What are the benefits of using a scooter lift? For one, lifting a power scooter on your own is nearly impossible. Without a lift, you can’t transport your scooter, which may mean being unable to travel farther distances if you have no one around to help you.

Scooter carriers also keep your mobility scooter safe while you drive. Power scooters are expensive, and you can’t afford to take chances. Putting it in the back of a vehicle unsecured can lead to damage that renders the scooter unusable.

Scooter lifts secure your mobility scooter, so it doesn’t roll or fall over in the back of your vehicle. Lifts also let you avoid disassembly, which is the other primary method of transport. However, disassembly isn’t always convenient. It can be complicated to take apart and put together your power scooter every time you want to go out.

Scooter lifts give you that next level of independence. They’re especially useful for elderly people who want to keep living an active lifestyle without asking for help from loved ones. So, ask for our help instead!

Active Lifestyle Products is here to make your life easier. If you see a scooter lift you like, give us a call! We’ll give you a free quote, so you know exactly how much it costs and how much it will be for us to install it for you. With all the freedom you can gain with a scooter lift, you’ll be glad you got one.

Scooter Lift FAQs

1How do I know if my vehicle is compatible with a scooter lift?
Although the full line of scooter lift products we offer are not all listed, we carry scooter lifts for- Vans/Minivans, SUV/Crossovers, Pickup Trucks, & even Sedans. For more details on matching your vehicle with the perfect scooter lift system, give us a call today at 832-746-370.
2How are Scooter Lifts Installed?
Our certified professionals will make sure that your new scooter lift is installed safely and securely for you to ensure proper installation and functionality.
3Are scooter lifts easy to operate?
All of our scooter lift systems are designed for strain-free transportation and simple operation. We want to make sure that taking your scooter anywhere is as easy as possible.
4What happens if I ever sell my vehicle?
Installing a scooter lift doesn’t require structural modifications. That being said, installing and removing it isn’t complicated. If for any reason you are selling your vehicle, give us a call for assistance/advice.