Maximum Comfort Lift Chairs

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Active Lifestyle Lift Chairs

Disability and mobility challenges both come with a host of new experiences. Being unable to get out of your recliner shouldn’t be one of them. At Active Lifestyle Products, we offer several lift chair models that make sitting down and getting back up extremely comfortable and effortless.

Our lift recliners offer extra support where you need it—in your back, neck, and joints. They take the pressure off your knees, and they eliminate the need for a literal helping hand. Each recliner has a simple operating system, which means no getting stuck in your seat.

Our power lift recliners give you maximum comfort so that you can rest easy. Our models include:

Day Dreamer




We carry American-made lift recliners that suit your home and lifestyle. They can help you retain your independence, giving you more mobility when it comes to entering and exiting your comfortable seated position. Our lift chairs are stable and adjust to different positions so you can find your favorite one and stay put for a nap or your favorite show.

We provide power lift recliners to the Houston and Southeast Texas areas, ensuring that people with disabilities, elderly individuals, and people with mobility challenges can relax without worry. Our many recliner styles mean you won’t just have options that suit your needs—they’ll suit your style, too. We can help you find one that matches your home and your body.

If you find a lift recliner you like, call us for a free quote. We’ll help you find the best fit for you.

Lift Chairs: Accessibility and Comfort

Why get a lift chair- If you find that transitioning from sitting to standing has gotten harder over the years, now may be an excellent time to consider a power lift recliner.

A lift chair can help overcome many conditions and challenges, including:

Nervous system disorders

Muscle weakness



Back pain

Circulation problems

Trouble sleeping

Power Lift Recliners Aren’t only for People with Disabilities

Our chairs are designed to feel like a regular recliner—but they work better for your body. If you want to lower the strain on your joints and muscles, a lift recliner could be your best option.

Our power lift recliners give you the independence you’re looking for. If you primarily use a wheelchair as a mobility device, a lift recliner can make moving from your wheelchair to a recliner much easier. Depending on your condition, it may even eliminate your need for someone to help you move between the two.

Lift chairs also reduce your risk of falling. Because these recliners are so stable, they gently distribute your weight onto—or off of—your feet. You don’t have to do all the work, and it keeps you from getting injured.

If you’re searching for an accessible and comfortable option for relaxing at home, a lift chair may be something for you to consider. You get the benefits of maximum comfort and independence, as well as a place to relax that won’t cause you strain or concern. Call us for your free quote—we can help you find the best lift chair for your unique style and comfort needs.

Lift Chair FAQs

1What is the difference between a two-position and three-position lift chair?
Two-Position Lift Chair- When a two-position lift chair is reclining back, as the footrest goes up, the angle between the backrest and the seat does not change. Three-Position Lift Chair- When a three-position lift chair is reclining back, as the footrest goes up, the backrest is able to recline back even farther, opening the angle between the backrest and seat. This is how you get full use and comfort from the sleeper/napper position.
2Are lift chairs comfortable?
Of course! Lift chairs are built to be just as comfortable (if not more) than normal recliners. They are also designed with maximum support in mind for everyday relaxation.
3Are lift chairs covered by insurance?
Actually, yes. Although it may not be completely covered, lift chairs are considered to be (DME) durable medical equipment, which means they are qualified for coverage under Part B of your Medicare coverage plan. Note- Medicare will not cover spring device lift chairs.
4Do lift chairs come in different sizes?
Yes, lift chairs do come in different sizes to assure maximum comfort and relaxation options for all.
5How are lift chairs powered?
Lift chairs use a simple power cord plugged into the wall for operation, along with an easy to use remote control for maximum hassle-free relaxation.