Bathroom Safety Products

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Grab Bars

silver suction cup grab bar

Looking for reliable bathroom safety products? When you have a disability, bathrooms can be a challenge. There's a lot to think about—bathtub accessibility, toilet height, and the risk of slipping and falling. How can you fix these problems?

Grab bars are versatile bathroom safety additions that you can use anywhere that may be hard to navigate without them. They're perfect for attaching right outside the shower or beside the toilet. It all depends where you need them and what you need them for.

At Active Lifestyle Products, we offer two different kinds of grab bars to help you feel secure in your bathroom independence.

Powder Coated Grab Bar: Our powder-coated grab bars mount securely on your wall. They help support your weight and achieve better balance when you're getting in the shower or sitting on the toilet. They're available in lengths from 12" to 24" and are durable, with a limited lifetime warranty.

Suction Cup Grab Bar: These suction cup grab bars are in some ways more versatile than the powder-coated bars. You can install them, both inside and outside of the shower, too. The suction cups attach to the shower wall, and the light indicator on the handle tells you how secure the attachment is. These bars are meant for balance over support.

tub transfer bench

Tub Transfer Bench

If you have trouble getting in and out of the shower, but can't afford a bathroom remodel, a tub transfer bench may be your ideal option. These waterproof seats position over the side of your tub, so you have support on both sides.

The adjustable height and 400lb weight capacity make tub transfer benches a viable solution for many people with disabilities and mobility challenges. When you sit on the bench, lift your legs over the side of the tub and let the bench balance for you.

The three-piece design we offer at Active Lifestyle Products is reversible, so no matter which way your tub faces, the bench works.

Raised Toilet Seats

raised toilet seat

Do you have trouble sitting and standing in the bathroom? While grab bars may help in these situations, they're not the only solution. A raised toilet seat can make your toilet more comfortable and safer to use.

Our raised toilet seats latch onto your toilet, and if you need a little extra support, the arms on each side allow you to sit and stand with ease. If you have a caregiver, these toilet seats make caring for you safer for them, too. They allow you more independence and mobility, so you don't have to rely entirely on your caregiver when you need to use the bathroom.